In my current writing practice, I am exploring ways in which writing can be considered a choreographic hyperobject (a term coined by Timothy Morton in order to describe huge entities like climate change). I am interested in the how writing as a choreographic process can sit within and inform the wider ecology of interdisciplinary practice, and the ways that writing can move readers in the same ways that live performance can. 

I have written articles for, amongst others, The Society for Dance Research, Gather Up, Potlatch Magazine, The National Student Newspaper, Pulse Magazine, Shoppinghour/Silent City Collective: art as activism, Wears The Trousers Magazine, The Cultural Expose, Independent Dance, PAL labs, Bellyflop magazine.

I keep an online archive of all my writing here - all sorts of thoughts and things.

Below - a commission from Gather Up, Bristol, entitled Togetherness - writing in response to a workshop with Jo Fong

Workshop blog Jo Fong.png