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In my current writing practice, I am exploring ways in which writing can be considered a choreographic hyperobject (a term coined by Timothy Morton in order to describe huge entities like climate change). I am interested in the how writing as a choreographic process can sit within and inform the wider ecology of interdisciplinary practice, and the ways that writing can move readers in the same ways that live performance can. 

Most recent writing includes a piece co-written with fellow artist Erika Cann on geological-artistic practices, published by ecoartsscotland, November 2022. Click here to read the article. 

I have written articles for, amongst others, The Society for Dance Research, Gather Up, Potlatch Magazine, The National Student Newspaper, Pulse Magazine, Shoppinghour/Silent City Collective: art as activism, Wears The Trousers Magazine, The Cultural Expose, Independent Dance, PAL labs, Bellyflop magazine.

I keep an online archive of all my writing here - all sorts of thoughts and things.

Below - a commission from Gather Up, Bristol, entitled Togetherness - writing in response to a workshop with Jo Fong, March 2019.

Workshop blog Jo Fong.png
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