Wilderness is a site-specific performance work designed for spaces-in-between. It explores the absurdity and obscurity of human endeavour, as it attempts to shift perspectives towards a bigger picture. Wilderness questions our fragile relationship with a continually shifting and increasingly precarious environmental landscape.

A human-alien hybrid creature appears from behind a curtain. Blindly feeling its way through the space, it is followed by a snail-trail of near-invisible thread. As it earnestly weaves the thread, tracking its pathway, a mesh-like fabric of micro-spaces begins to appear. Large sections are near invisible, whilst others glisten clearly in the light. Somewhat impeded by its choice of physical augmentation (swimming fins and goggles in case of rain/floods), it nevertheless continues on its absurd yet vital quest, its body becoming increasingly inhibited by the mesh that has been created entirely through its own doing.

Wilderness is available for bookings throughout 2020.

Image credit: Nicky Ebbage

Past performances:

May 2019 at Testing Ground, Circomedia, Bristol, hosted by Theatre Bristol

May 2019 at the University of Roehampton (MRes)

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