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Protocol Projects

Protocol Projects was a collaboration between dance artist Sian Goldby and composer/sound-designer Sandy Dobson. The two met whilst studying at The University of Surrey and began working on Protocol, a collaborative piece for Surrey’s regular Choreographers and Composers weekend platform. After graduating, the two teamed up again to form Protocol Projects, and, after successfully attaining funding from Big Dance 2012, debuted their first professional work of the same name at Siobhan Davies Studios, London, as part of the Footfall event for London’s Big Dance celebrations in July 2012. The work was well received, and in the following autumn, Protocol Projects was commissioned by Guildford International Music Festival to create a new site-specific piece. After working with Guildford Borough Council and securing the Great Tower in Guildford Castle as a venue, Protocol Projects produced their second installation, The Castle Project, which was performed on 22nd March 2013.

The Protocol Project


The Protocol Project was comprised of a short durational performance work, followed and proceeded by an interactive installation. Using Kinect technology, the performer live-controlled the sound and visuals. Dotted throughout with sections of pre-recorded projection-mapped film, the performer explored the boundaries between reality and virtual-reality, outside and inside space, imagination and memory, walking the thin line between the two, and eventually stepping into the unknown.

The technology installed was then available for audience members to experiment with, as were several monomes,  built by Sandy Dobson. When the monome buttons were pressed they emitted the sounds used during the performance in certain patterns and sequences, rules of which are left for the audience to determine.

“I particularly enjoyed The Protocol Project. Very different. A great relationship between performer, sound and visual effects.” Audience feedback, July 2012.

The Protocol Project was supported by Siobhan Davies Dance and funded by a microgrant from The Legacy Trust and Big Dance 2012. 

Image Credits: Paul Stead and Lara Platman 

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Lara Platman photography.jpg
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