2019 - current

Mapping my 30-year standard normal*


An intimate performance exploring landscapes of memory and humanity’s relationship with the earth, Constellations is designed for small audiences of up to 6 people. Through a re-imagining of the performance space in miniature, it investigates themes of nostalgia and memory in relation to the multiple scales of environmental crisis. Numerous timelines intertwine as the piece examines humanity’s power to both destroy and be destroyed, and our capacity to care for a world within which we are totally enmeshed.

*30 years is the standard reference period for calculating climate normals and identifying variations in global temperature (WNO, 2021).

'... absolutely mesmerising and unlike anything else I've ever seen.' (audience member, Constellations)

Constellations is available for bookings throughout 2022.


Past shows:


Saturday 21st May 2022

Camden People's Theatre

Sunday 29th May 2022

Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre

June 2019 at the University of Roehampton (MRes)

June 2019 at CtEO: Practice-based research in academia conference, De Montfort University

Image credit: David Wilson Clarke

Sound effects obtained from

Thank you to:

Emilyn Claid and Bob Whalley for supervision during the making of Constellations. 

St Georges Bristol for support during the making of the Constellations trailer.