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Sian Goldby

I am an interdisciplinary performance maker and practice-based researcher based in Bristol. I mostly make contemporary performance work which sits in the fuzzy space between dance, performance art, film, philosophy and sometimes something else entirely.

Heavily influenced by philosophical theories of being-in-the-world, I create work which aims to challenge my audience’s perception of time and space in relation to lived experience and the human condition. Recurrent themes include imagination, memory, intuition, scale and site. My current research explores performative re-imaginings of micro and macro scale in relation to environmental crisis. 

My work has been shown at festivals, events and conferences across the UK and Europe, and has been supported by, amongst others: Siobhan Davies Dance, Big Dance, The Legacy Trust, Guildford International Music Festival, University of Surrey, Conway Hall, Theatre Bristol, Camden People's Theatre, Exeter Phoenix and St. George's Bristol. I have an MRes (Distinction) in Choreography and Performance from the University of Roehampton and I am currently a PhD researcher at GSA, University of Surrey.

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